Verdicts & Settlements By Injury Type

Below is a listing of trial reports and news coverage of some of the largest personal injury and medical malpractice cases resolved by Lubin & Meyer attorneys for our clients, sorted by injury type and amount.

This is not a complete listing.

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Birth Injury / Cerebral Palsy / Maternal Death

$40 million verdict - Baby’s brain damage leads to record jury judgment

$35.4 million verdict - 28-year-old mother suffers stroke hours after giving birth

$30 million verdict - Jury award assures care for child brain-damaged at birth

$24.4 million verdict - Negligence in care of newborn at Tufts Medical Center

$23.8 million verdict - Mass. General cerebral palsy birth injury lawsuit

$16 million verdict - Baby's brain damage at Children's Hospital shortly after birth

$12.8 million verdict - Delay results in devastating brain injury in newborn

$12 million settlement - Death of mother following childbirth

$10 million verdict - Birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy

$7 million - Birth injury case turned down by another law firm 

$6.25 million - Obstetrician and nurse settle in birth injury lawsuit

$6 million - Overdose of dilantin at birth

$5.65 million - Failure to properly monitor fetus results in birth injury

$5.65 million - Rhode Island baby’s brain damage related to birth trauma

$5.6 million - Lawsuit claims obstetrician and maternal fetal medicine doctor were negligent in failing to respond to fetal distress

$5.5 million - Baby’s brain damage at hands of midwife and labor nurse

$5 million - Failure to expedite deliver results in baby’s brain damage

$5 million - Failure to respond to fetal distress — baby’s brain damage at birth

$5 million verdict - NH couple birth injury lawsuit

$5 million - Birth injury lawsuit settlement

$5 million - Worcester birth injury results in newborn’s catastrophic brain damage

$4.96 million - Failure to properly manage labor and delivery resulting in hypoxic brain injury and cerebral palsy in newborn

$4.925 million - Mismanaged labor and delivery results in cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia due to neurological injuries at birth

$4.9 million - Cerebral palsy birth injury — failure to treat fetal distress

$4.85 million - Severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (brain damage) at birth

$4.5 million - Baby suffers brain damage during prolonged labor with signs of fetal distress

$4.4 million - Lawsuit claims delay in delivery leads to uterine rupture, brain damage in newborn 

$4 million - Mother dies after delivery of baby from failure to monitor bleeding and repeat labs in order to diagnose and treat HELLP syndrome

$4 million - Intrapartum asphyxia resulting in cerebral palsy

$4 million - Birth injuries caused by fetal distress

$4 million - Boston birth injury lawsuit related to care received at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

$4 million - Rhode Island hospital settles birth injury lawsuit

$3.8 million - Cerebral palsy lawsuit settles

$3.75 million - NH baby's injuries at birth result in brain injury / cerebral palsy

$3.7 million - Settlement for Dracut family for medical errors at girl’s birth

$3.5 million - Newborn suffers severe brain and heart injuries at birth 

$3.5 million verdict - Bad advice from South Shore Hospital nurse causes death of infant 

$3.5 million - Brain damage in newborn settlement

$3.5 million - Physician and nurse midwives settle baby’s brain injury lawsuit

$3 million - Birth injury lawsuit (Winchester Hospital)

$3 million - Delay in c-section resulting in brain damage settlement

$3 million - HMO to pay disabled Rhode Island girl for birth injury

$2.95 million - Failure to recognize fetal distress results in uterine rupture and maternal and fetal deaths 

$2.8 million - Birth injuries leave twin with cerebral palsy

$2.8 million - Midwives of brain damaged infant settle

$2.7 million verdict - Failure to provide casarean section results in stillborn baby

$2.5 million - Baby's brain injury due to delay in delivery

$2.5 million - Failure to diagnose fetal heart rate decelerations

$2.5 million verdict - Newborn's oxygen deficiency leads to cerebral palsy

$2.3 million - Failure to respond to fetal distress results in permanent neurologic injury to child

$2 million - Newborn suffers brain damage when obstetrics team fails to respond promptly to signs of fetal distress

$2 million - Physician’s failure to recognize mother’s abdominal pain was caused by incarcerated bowel leads to partial loss of bowel and stomach, sepsis, and intra-uterine death of baby

$2 million - Failure to respond to fetal distress results in cerebral palsy

$2 million - Baby’s birth injuries in prolonged delivery

$2 million - Newborn’s cardiac arrest blamed on radiologist misreading obstetrical ultrasound

$2 million - Death of baby involved hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy at birth

$2 million - Birth injury settlement at South Shore Hospital

$1.75 million - Birth injury lawsuit involves failure to timely deliver twins after demise of monochorionic triplet resulting in death

$1.5 million - Maternal death settlement involving death of 24-year-old woman from peripartum cardiomyopathy following delivery of child 

$1.5 million - Birth injury settlement involving midwife delay

$1.4 million - Settlement for mother of child with cerebral palsy

$1 million - Brain injury to newborn who contracted herpes virus upon vaginal delivery

$1 million - Death of 3-day old infant from birth injury

$1 million - Baby injured during mismanaged delivery

$1 million - Failure to respond to problematic fetal heart monitor leads to death of newborn

$1 million - Erb's palsy lawsuit: Newborn suffers permanent nerve injury during delivery

$1 million - Delay in cesarean delivery leads to cerebral palsy

$1 million - Stillborn birth to mother with gestational diabetes

$1 million - Delivery doc settles for premature baby’s brain damage

$900,000 - Child’s developmental delays following asphyxia at birth


Heart Attack / Stroke / Cardiac / Aneurysm

$28.8 million verdict - Undiagnosed and untreated aortic aneurysm by North Shore Medical Center Salem Hospital emergency room physician and hospitalist

$11.5 million verdict - Cardiac arrest, neurological injuries in 18-month-old girl

$7.55 million verdict - Boston Medical Center cardiologist fails to rule out pulmonary embolism

$6.6 million verdict - Death from stroke after inadequate anticoagulation at Melrose-Wakefield

$5.8 million verdict - Jury finds physician negligent in heart attack death

$5.8 million verdict - Heart attack death medical malpractice trial report

$5 million - Misdiagnosed cardiac arrest causing brain injury

$4.75 million - Failure to respond to elevated Troponin results in heart attack

$4.65 million verdict - Failure to diagnose and treat stroke at Sturdy Memorial Hospital 

$4.6 million verdict - Failure of neurologist to recognize that broken MRI scanner would delay diagnosis and treatment of stroke leads to death of 57-year-old man

$4 millionNegligent mapping of cardiac ablation sites leads to severe pulmonary vein stenosis and chronic shortness of breath in 54-year-old man  

$4 million - Aortic dissection diagnosis delay leads to paralysis

$3.9 million - 

$3.75 million - Failure to properly treat atrial fibrillation leads to massive stroke

$3.5 million - Physician assistant and supervising physician fail to recognize patient’s risk of sudden cardiac arrest and to refer patient to cardiologist or ER, results in death

$3.5 million - Heart attack death due to failure to refer patient to cardiologist or emergency department per standard of care

$3 million - Cardiac arrest resulting in anoxic brain injury

$2.9 million - Stroke malpractice mediation results in settlement

$2.5 million - Fatal heart attack due to misread EKG

$2 million - Failure to appropriately recognize and treat atrial fibrillation results in stroke and eventual death

$2 million - Failure to properly treat heart abnormality leads to stroke

$2 million - Cardiac arrhythmia wrongful death settlement

$1.74 million - Cardiologist and PCP failure to diagnose and treat chest pains

$1.65 million - Delay in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac condition at a workplace health clinic, leads to death of 56-year-old man from heart attack

$1.5 million - Failure to diagnose stroke in 51-year-old woman results in permanent neurological injuries

$1.5 million - Emergency department aortic dissection death

$1.4 million - Settlement in pulmonary embolus death

$1.25 million - Aortic aneurysm wrongful death lawsuit

$1.1 million - Failure to recognize EKG changes leads to myocardial infarction death

$1 million - Physician’s failure to admit patient following PVT findings on holter monitor leads to death of 71-year-old woman from cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, and coronary artery disease

$1 million - Unnecessary heart bypass surgery lawsuit settles

$1 million - TIA stroke lawsuit settles

$1 million - EMT malpractice heart attack (UMass Memorial EMS, Worcester)

$1 million - Heart attack malpractice settlement

$1 million - Settlement in heart attack death

$850,000 - Cardiac monitor alarm fatigue lawsuit at MGH settles

$750,000 - Doc pays in heart attack malpractice case: Failure to diagnose and treat


Misdiagnosis of Cancer / Failure to Diagnose, Treat Cancer

$19.8 million verdict - Cervical cancer malpractice case

$16.7 million verdict - Lung cancer lawsuit; radiologist misread x-ray

$14 million settlement - Lab error results in advanced cancer at diagnosis

$11.3 million verdict - IVF doctor failure to diagnose ovarian cancer

$11 million verdict - Breast cancer wrongful death award

$9.86 million verdict - Failure to advise follow-up on CT scan finding resulting in lung cancer death

$6.8 million judgment - Kidney cancer diagnosis delay by Lowell General doc

$5 million verdict - Heptologist's failure to properly diagnose and treat liver cancer leads to death of 65-year-old man

$5 million - Settlement for delay in diagnosis of chordoma cancer

$4.95 million verdict - Lahey Clinic doctor's failure to properly test for liver cancer

$4.5 million - Failure to follow up on abnormal PSA result leads to prostate cancer death

$4.5 million - Settlement for delay in diagnosis of colorectal cancer

$4.5 million verdict - Breast cancer diagnosis delay

$4.25 million settlement - Cancer diagnosis delay in NH

$3.5 million - Inappropriate chemotherapy regimen causes death 

$3.5 million - Liver cancer diagnosis delay

$2.84 million verdict - Failure to screen for prostate cancer

$2.5 million - Pathologist failed to identify cancer in appendix and record it

$2.5 million - Metastatic liver cancer diagnosis delay

$2.5 million verdict - Misdiagnosed breast cancer

$2.06 million verdict - Bowel obstruction wrongful death lawsuit

$2 million - Lawsuit claims radiologists and pulmonologist were negligent in undiagnosed lung cancer case

$2 million - Delay in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer results in death

$2 million - Failure to refer to specialist results in delay in diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer

$2 million - Lung cancer goes undiagnosed due to lack of follow up on chest x-ray

$2 million - Failure to treat melanoma

$2 million - PSA test results withheld—prostate cancer diagnosis delay

$2 million - Failure to diagnose colon cancer leads to premature death

$1.9 million - Lung cancer lawsuit involving Boston Medical Center radiologist

$1.8 million - Failure to diagnose and treat lung cancer

$1.75 million - Delay in diagnosis of esophageal cancer

$1.75 million - Delay in diagnosis of thyroid cancer

$1.75 million - Delay in diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer

$1.6 million verdict - Medical mistake at Dana Farber re: IV contrast

$1.5 million - Miscommunication between radiologist and PCP and failure to act on report of lung lesion leads to delay in diagnosis of lung cancer resulting in death

$1.5 million - Misread chest x-ray leads to delay in diagnosis of lung cancer and premature death

$1.5 million - Kidney cancer malpractice settlement

$1.5 million - Delay in lung cancer diagnosis; failure to order chest x-ray

$1.5 million - Delay in diagnosis of colon cancer

$1.5 million - Endometrial cancer death lawsuit

$1.35 million - Biopsy delay causes delay in diagnosis of breast cancer

$1.25 million - Failure to properly interpret barium enema results in premature death from rectal cancer

$1.25 million - Improper interpretation of barium enema cancer screening results in delay in diagnosis and death of 69-year-old woman by rectal cancer

$1.25 million - Delay in diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma

$1.25 million - Failure to diagnose breast cancer

$1.25 million - Delay in diagnosis of lung cancer caused by misread x-ray

$1.2 million - Lung cancer diagnosis delay

$1.2 million - Delay in diagnosis of NH woman's cauda equina syndrome

$1 million - Delay in diagnosing flesh eating bacterial infection causes death of 58-year-old man

$1 million - PCP's failure to follow up on abnormal Pap smear causes delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of urothelial cancer

$1 million - Failure to follow up on prostate cancer screening

$1 million - Lung cancer claim settles prior to filing of lawsuit

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of anal cancer

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of colon cancer leading to death

$1 million - Cervical cancer diagnosis delay

$1 million - Pancreatic cancer diagnosis delay; misread CT scan

$1 million - Thyroid cancer diagnosis delay

$1 million - Failure to monitor for liver cancer in Asian man with history of Hepatitis B

$1 million - Failure to diagnose lung cancer

$1 million - Skin cancer (malignent melanoma) death settlement

$1 million - Failure to diagnose rectal cancer

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer; misread PAP smear

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of malignant melanoma settlement

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of colo-rectal cancer

$1 million - Man dies during a prostatectomy following misdiagnosed prostate cancer

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of breast cancer

$1 million - Failure to diagnose colon cancer lawsuit

$1 million - Failure to screen for colon cancer malpractice

$1 million - Prostate cancer diagnosis delay

$975,000 - Colon cancer delay lawsuit settles pre-trial

$900,000 - Radiologists failed to communicate findings in lung cancer lawsuit

$900,000 - Delay in diagnosis of thyroid cancer settlement

$825,000 - Prostate cancer malpractice settlement

$750,000 - Endometrial cancer malpractice lawsuit

$500,000 - Testicular cancer malpractice lawsuit

$500,000 - Colon cancer wrongful death settlement

$450,000 - Breast cancer diagnosis delay settlement


Medical Error, Surgical Error, Medication Error, Misdiagnosis, Medical Negligence

$28.8 million verdict - Lowell General Hospital Emergency Department personnel misdiagnose blood clot as sciatica, resulting in man's leg amputation

$15 million settlement - Boston Children's Hospital agrees to record-setting settlement for death of infant undergoing sleep study

$14.5 million verdict - Jury award to family of woman who died after thyroid surgery

$14.5 million verdict - Brockton surgeon negligent in death during elective thyroid surgery

$13.587 million verdict - Dana-Farber infection death trial finds two docs negligent (trial report)

$13.5 million verdict - $13.5 awarded in Dana-Farber infection death (news article)

$13 million verdict - Widow awarded in husband’s post tonsillectomy death

$10.7 million verdict - Post-surgical infection, retained sponge, additional surgeries

$7.5 million - Lab error in stem cell transplant blamed for death of 5-year-old twin

$5.5 million - Fallon HMO settles in brain infection lawsuit

$5.1 million - Spinal surgery error ends Bobby Jenks' baseball career

$4.5 million - Newton Wellesley Hospital docs agree to pay in girl’s death

$4.1 million - Docs lose medical lawsuit in hospital death

$4 million - Failure to monitor blood sugar results in hypoglycemic event

$3.9 million verdict - Hip replacement patient death from bowel infarction, sepsis at Morton Hospital

$3.75 million - Emergency department failure to order a chest x-ray leads to 12-year-old boy's cardiopulmonary arrest and brain damage

$3.75 million - Paralysis following spinal hematoma

$3.5 million - Death from bowel perforation after disc surgery

$3.5 million verdict - ER delay leads to death of 12-year-old boy

$3.5 million verdict - Breast reduction surgery malpractice case

$3.5 million - Wrongful death settlement involved CT scan

$3.5 million - Settlement for negligence in back surgery

$3.2 million verdict - Misdiagnosis results in lost testicle

$3.15 million verdict - Neurosurgeon's misplaced surgical screw into patient's vertebral artery

$3 million - Anesthesia aspiration death due to undiagnosed bowel obstruction

$3 million - Spinal cord injury from epidural abscess

$3 million - Hospital infection resulting in brain injury

$3 million - Misread CT scan leads to death

$2.7 million - Failure to diagnose/treat amputee’s infection leads to permanent paralysis

$2.5 million -  Death from improperly treated pneumonia leading to respiratory arrest

$2.5 million - Wrongful death lawsuit for death of man from excessive bleeding during hip replacement surgery

$2.5 million -  Failure to treat diverticulitis and colon perforation leads to septic shock and death

$2.5 million - Failure to diagnose and treat cauda equina syndrome by ordering spinal imaging, results in permanent

$2.5 million - Encephalomyelitis wrongful death lawsuit

$2.5 million verdict - Women's death after surgery to remove ovarian cysts

$2.45 million - Anoxic brain injury of 8-month-old girl

$2.409 million verdict - Failure to monitor anticoagulation medication Coumadin results in bleeding death of 70-year-old woman     

$2.25 million - Delay in spinal surgery

$2.2 million - Surgery error involving epidural placement resulting in paraplegia

$2 million - Perforated bowel infection during weight loss surgery

$2 million - Failure to monitor in brain hemorrhage lawsuit settlement

$2 million - MRSA infection post surgery leads to paralysis

$2 million - Anesthesia death following elective hernia surgery

$2 million - Spinal cord surgery malpractice settlement

$2 million - Negligence in bowel obstruction at Lowell General ER

$1.995 million - Botched spinal surgery results in quadriplegia

$1.985 million verdict - Lacerated ureter during pelvic reconstruction surgery

$1.9 million - Misinterpreted MRI leads to brain bleed and death

$1.85 million - Doc admits medication error

$1.75 million - Failure to recognize post-operative respiratory depression leads to cardiac arrest and death 

$1.75 million - Physician’s failure to order appropriate dose of anti-seizure medication leads to stroke and death of 66-year-old woman

$1.75 million - Failure to diagnose and treat pulmonary abscess

$1.75 million - Heart surgery malpractice settlement

$1.75 million verdict - New Hampshire man blinded in ER error

$1.75 million verdict - Death after gallbladder surgery at Beth Israel

$1.576 million verdict - Intubation death caused by negligence

$1.5 million - Failure to recognize splenic artery cut during surgery leads to death

$1.5 million - Delay in administration of antibiotics causes septic shock and death of 17-month-old girl

$1.5 million - Failure to diagnose perforated intestine

$1.5 million - Surgical error causes facial droop

$1.5 million - Delay of spinal cord surgery results in paraplegia

$1.5 million - Bowel necrosis leads to death and settlement

$1.365 million verdict - Delay of surgery in bowel aspiration death

$1.29 million verdict - Negligence in eye surgery leaves man blind in one eye

$1.25 million verdict - Gallbladder surgery error causes Cape Cod woman injuries requiring reconstructive surgery and long recovery

$1.25 million - Preventable medication error (30x dose of anticoagulant)

$1.25 million - Kidney transplant lawsuit

$1.2 million - Bacterial infection death lawsuit

$1.15 million - Cataract surgery resulting in blindness in 69-year-old woman

$1.15 million - Cataract surgery error results in vision loss in 56-year-old man

$1 million - Anesthesiologist’s failure to monitor vital signs during colonoscopy leads to death

$1 million - Perforation of bowel during gastric bypass revision causes sepsis, multiple surgeries and amputation of hand

$1 million - Perforation of bowel during gastric bypass revision causes sepsis, multiple surgeries and amputation of hand

$1 million - Failure to diagnose and treat cauda equina syndrome resulting in permanent injuries

$1 million - Physician's failure to treat rare but dangerous paraesophageal hernia results in loss of stomach

$1 million - NH woman injuried from compartment syndrome following surgery

$1 million - Sinus surgery results in loss of vision (lamina papyracea)

$1 million - Misread CT scan wrongful death lawsuit

$1 million - Negligence in sinus surgery lawsuit

$1 million - Gallbladder surgical error lawsuit settles

$1 million - EMT negligence lawsuit

$1 million - Delay in diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome

$1 million - Delay of spinal surgery - cauda equina lawsuit

$1 million - Mass. General Hospital medication error death

$1 million - Botched gastric bypass dialation

$1 million - Woman’s death due to abdominal bleed

$1 million - Diabetes mellitus malpractice claim

$1 million - Medical malpractice involving leg amputation

$1 million - Amitriptyline toxicity death

$1 million - Lithium toxicity brings wrongful death settlement

$1 million - Blindness in one eye

$900,000 - Delay in treatment of diabetic ulcer

$868,828 verdict - Surgical mistake during gallbladder surgey

$850,000 - Cauda equina diagnosis delay causes permanent injuries

$750,000 - Improperly placed feeding tube/sepsis

$280,000 verdict - Jury award for surgical tool left in abdomen


Catastrophic Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Cases

$8.5 million verdict - Jury awards NH family in wrongful death action against trucking company

$7 million - Construction site accident causes upper body fractures

$6.8 million - Construction site accident injures motorist 

$6.1 million - Rhode Island man hit and killed by drunk driver after visiting 5 bars.

$6.1 million verdict - Man killed stadium crash (news coverage 1)

$6.1 million verdict - Man killed in stadium fatality (news coverage 2)

$3.35 million - Fire results in life-altering injuries 

$3 million - Death of 23-year-old mentally ill patient at Bridgewater State Hospital

$2 million - Bad faith action against insurer 

$2 million - 84-year-old nursing home resident dies from strangulation on bed rails

$1.825 million - Apartement fire results in death

$1.73 million - Climbing wall death

$1.25 million - Auto accident injury lawsuit

$1 million - Hunting accident settlement

$1 million - Forklift accident settlement

$1 million - Gunshot victim suffers ruptured femoral artery 


Sexual Abuse

$8.4 million verdict - Sex abuse case

$1 million - Psych doc agrees to settlement

$750,000 - Psychiatrist pays for violating patient boundaries


Product Liability

$8.9 million - Product liability lawsuit settlement for defective medical device

$700,000 - Crib sheet maker pays for infant death


Legal Malpractice

$1.96 million - Legal malpractice in cerebral palsy childbirth case


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