What Our Clients Say

“Best firm around by far.”

Son of man who died following surgical error during biopsy

“No other law firm is better positioned and prepared to litigate complex and high-stakes medical malpractice and personal injury cases. The talent, expertise and integrity of the Lubin & Meyer team — combined with its record of results — places this firm alone at the top.”

Referring attorney

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your counsel and help with the settlement of my husband's case. My son and I are forever grateful for the way you and your team treated us and for the outcome of the settlement. We couldn't have asked for a better law firm to represent us. My life and my son's life is now changed forever and my husband's memory and legacy will go on.”

Wife of man who died after doctors failed to treat coronary artery disease

What People Are Saying on Social Media

What People Are Saying on Social Media - Client Comments

“For the past 5 years Lubin & Meyer has worked on our case and did more then we could have imagined for our situation! I want to tell everyone how wonderful Adam Satin and everyone at L&M is!”

Clients harmed by misread ultrasound

“What I valued most about my experience with Lubin & Meyer is the sense of support that I felt from the first meeting until the final meeting. I expected the great representation in the courtroom that Lubin & Meyer is known for. I did not expect the level of compassion and understanding that I received from my lawyer, Robert Higgins. He connects to his client and audience in such a way that promotes trust. I watched and listened to him speak at trial and was able to see for myself, the jury’s reaction toward him. They trusted and believed what he said. This skill of connecting with others coupled with his knowledge of the law provided me with the confidence to stand firm and face the battle ahead.

Rob made a point to review every step of the trial with me, which served to strengthen my resolve and gave me a sense of power each and every day; something I really needed at the time. Rob was never condescending, but instead treated me with dignity and respect. I felt he had really listened to me and to my story. It wasn’t just another case for him. I believe that he made the conscious decision to understand the extent of my pain and suffering. This was important to me.”

Woman whose husband died following routine tonsillectomy

“I had a malpractice lawsuit for the death of my mom which was the hardest thing I ever had to go through and Andrew Meyer and Krysia Syska and others really made me feel at ease to know I could and did settle this law suit and let these doctors know that they need to realize what they did wrong so that the problem will never happen to others in the future. They were so professional yet compassionate at the same time. I was free and comfortable to call whenever I had a question and they called me whenever something new happened. I would highly recommend Lubin & Meyer to anyone that has the unfortunate event like I had. I love that they don’t just settle cases they fix the problems which other law firms don’t do. They make changes. I want to thank Lubin & Meyer from the bottom of my heart.”

Daughter of woman who died from misdiagnosed infection

“I cannot say enough about our experience having Adam Satin represent our family on behalf of my mother. I know you must be aware of how outstanding he is as a trial lawyer but I think it’s important to share with you the depth of gratitude that I will forever have witnessing him fight for justice for my mom. He brought an abundance of intellect and passion into the courtroom every day. In your career, I can’t imagine how many clients you’ve seen. To me, your firm is the only one I’ve experienced and will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for defending the underdog. Ever grateful.”

Client whose mother died following hernia surgery

“We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our case. It is a blessing to close that chapter for us. We are grateful for the outcome and that you were by our side through the finish.”

Woman who suffered loss of uterus due to mismanagement of postpartum bleeding

“I am the attorney who referred [a recent] case to Lubin & Meyer. It was always recognized that it was a difficult case. I had occasion to sit in on some of the trial as it progressed in Barnstable Superior court. I just want to express how courageous I believe Lubin & Meyer was to have taken the case. And even more significant, what an outstanding professional job you did in your representation and presentation of the case during the trial. I would never hesitate to refer cases to you in the future.”

Referring attorney

“Dear Attorney Meyer, We are writing to thank you, your partners and staff for accepting the case for our son and we appreciate the successful result you achieved. We specifically want to thank Attorneys Krysia Syska and Elizabeth Cranford, with whom we had had direct communication. They were patient — explaining every step in the case, and also very creative and resourceful in accomplishing our goal. On Father’s Day we watched family videos. Our son was there smiling, laughing, clapping and walking. We have fond memories of him.”

Client whose son died as a result of medication error

“I just would like to tell you how much we appreciate everything that you did for us — you were phenomenal! I want to let people know about the work that you did for us. You are a special person and will always hold a place in our hearts. I think for the past six years I made light of what happened to me — it was just easier that way. So having to talk about it seriously during prep and my testimony was a huge eye-opener. I don’t think I fully processed (at least emotionally) what happened to me until last week. You both made me feel safe to talk about my experience, which really helped me get through the trial. Not to be all sappy here, but I really don’t know the words to express how thankful and appreciative I am for everything you guys have done. I also wanted to thank you both for supporting my parents and being available to answer their questions. The best thing about everything that’s happened is that I decided I wanted to be a pediatric nurse and I feel like despite all the bad things that have happened, I’m living the dream and doing what I love every day.”

Client who suffered gynecological surgical error resulting in multi-organ perforations

“I just want to take the time before the jury makes a decision to try to express how much I appreciate you…. You’ve worked hard and long hours to learn of every nook and cranny of not only the case, but to learn about [our son] and I. Not only to get to know us, but to read beyond and in between the lines. You heard me. Your transparency and genuine empathy was evident to me. You stood up for [our son] in such an amazing way. You advocated for him and for any patient or child that [this doctor] will ever care for in the future. No jury can take that away or change how grateful I am that you facilitated my ability to share my truth and his story. Thank you always.”

Mother of infant who died following improper intubation

Facebook Friends Reactions

Client reviews on Facebook

“As I close a very painful chapter of my life I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work along with your partners to achieve a settlement on my father’s case. It was a long and difficult process but you never gave up. The money does not ease the pain and suffering my family and I endured by losing my father, but it gives us peace to know that because of your dedication and perseverance I was able to fulfill my promise to my father and to know that to some extent justice was served. Forever grateful!”

Daughter of man who died from misdiagnosis of lung cancer

“Congratulations on the "Top Lawyers" honor. It's one thing to make your way to the top — it's another thing entirely to stay there year after year.”

Referring attorney

“Krysia, We would like to thank you for all you have done for us, not the least of which was the settlement you were able to achieve on our behalf. The result you were able to reach was beyond what we thought was possible. You are to be commended for the perseverance, understanding and compassion which you have shown to us throughout this process. We both feel very fortunate that we do not have to experience the stress and uncertainty about the results of a trial. Thank you again for your efforts on our behalf.”

Former client 

“From our first meeting, to walking us through the interrogatories, to preparing us for depositions, and sitting through mediation, my family and I always felt like we were your number one priority. For my mother, this was a very emotional journey, while for myself it was a mission part fueled by anger, part by grief. You handled both of us so gently and never once dismissed our emotions. The fact that the medical system and surgeons responsible had to go through this process and have it documented on their record gives me satisfaction that they will have to deal with this the rest of their career as we have to live with the loss of my father for the rest of our lives.”

Client whose father died due to surgical error

“You and your team have given us the opportunity to voice our concerns and our anguish over the past two years. This alone is a gift you have given to our family. More than that, in the past two years of silence, we left yesterday feeling like David spoke. He spoke up for himself and was given a sense of peace with the possibility of someone else hearing that there was in fact wrong done by him. You and your team have allowed us to take a step in that possible direction.”

Client whose cancer was improperly treated resulting in loss of tongue and larynx

“Many thanks for all you did for me. You listened to me, and were so kind and sympathetic to my situation. My new year is off to a good start... Best of all I can remain in my home indefinitely. I know my dear [husband] is happy with the outcome. I wish you every success in the future. I am sure many will benefit from all your hard work.”

Woman whose husband died from undiagnosed bowel perforation

“Congratulations on the fantastic settlement you achieved for our client. The result you obtained was a great accomplishment. As much as I enjoy handling torts, your reputation and skills are so superlative that I will be referring my med/mal cases to you. You’ve changed the unfortunate turn this client’s life took and legally performed a miracle for this man. I am so glad to have enlisted Lubin & Meyer’s services in assisting my client.”

Referring attorney

“We want to express our undying gratitude for the professional manner in which you handled our case. It is an extremely stressful process and you made it tolerable. There are so many nuances that were confusing but you always made sure that we understood all of the information from start to finish. Nick Cappiello and his team treated us as people not just as another client in the books. We would highly recommend Lubin & Meyer to anyone that has the unfortunate circumstance to have to deal with as we did. They are all extremely professional and supportive.”

Family of patient who suffered misdiagnosis of lung cancer

“I guess I can speak for every mother... that possibly the minute she puts the food up on the table, she hopes her children will relish and enjoy that dinner over laughter. Though holidays are extremely hard for this mother, the only console comes from the realization that my child's case is in the strongest hands. Thank you so much for working so very hard and giving me hope in imagining that no other child in the future will die from skin cancer that could have been removed in time. I want you all to know that you are the reason for my content heart and I am sincerely thankful to each one of you. Happy thanksgiving to the entire team of Lubin and Meyer, and I am very thankful for your presence in my life.”

Mother of daughter who died from skin cancer

“I truly thank you for all the effort and care you put into our case. If it wasn't for you and your team, we would have to live with the gut feeling of never knowing. Now that our gut feeling has been confirmed, although my son can't be here with us, we know that we can do all that we can to carry on his name, life and make sure his sister has everything she needs to be a successful young lady. Again, I thank you with every inch of my heart for being my son's voice and I hope you have a great holiday season.”

Parents of infant who died following abdominal surgery

“A huge thank you for all your efforts in pursuing and settling the case on behalf of my husband. I get solace in the fact that the medical system and doctors responsible had to go through this process and have it documented on their record. I don’t know if true justice is ever served but some aspect of it was served here and that is because of your hard work. Thank you, again for your persistence and friendship through this long, hard process.”

Wife of client who died from uncontrolled bleeding following biopsy

“On behalf of my mother and my entire family, I want to thank you [Attorney Meyer] and your fabulous firm for all you did to rectify the terrible wrong my mother suffered. From my first conversation with you, to the year I spent gathering records, to the countless phone calls with Nick Cappiello, and the brilliance of Rob Higgins in the courtroom, our experience with Lubin & Meyer has been nothing short of spectacular. What we appreciate in particular was the dignity and respect Rob in particular always showed to my mother. Perhaps if the doctor had treated her with that kind of patient intelligence, this wouldn’t have happened. Rob always treated my mom like a client—never like an old lady. That meant more to us than you can imagine. The money your firm procured for my mom will offer her security and comfort for the remainder of her life. However, even more than that your tireless efforts came as close as possible to ‘righting’ a terrible wrong that our family suffered. For that, we thank you so much.”

Daughter of woman whose colon cancer was misdiagnosed

“The staff was very welcoming and made us feel comfortable with the process. From the very first meeting, we felt heard and supported which validated our feelings that we were doing the right thing in pursuing our claim. This was very different from the way our prior attorney made us feel. Our previous law firm did not believe in us or our claim, at times acting as if we were wasting their time and somehow that we had done something wrong not the doctor. Disheartened, we took a second chance and contacted Lubin & Meyer. From the outset, we knew we were in the right place — they were on our side. They were optimistic and hopeful throughout. This relationship remained consistent throughout our time at the firm.

Going forward, our experience with Lubin & Meyer taught us to trust our instincts — if you feel like you’re in the right place with the right firm then you likely are. If someone tells you don’t have a case don’t be dissuaded by those who turn you down. Keep pursuing what you feel is right.”

Client who suffered blindness after surgery

“Something didn’t seem right with my wife’s medical care and treatment. We explored law firms on the Internet and chose Lubin & Meyer.

Our first meeting was informational. We learned that only a very small percentage of potential cases are chosen after investigation of medical records. Our case qualified and we met several times in subsequent years. We were always treated with respect and all of our questions were answered.

My wife passed away. I continued my wife’s case with Attorney Cappiello as she would have wanted. Attorney Cappiello prepared me extremely well for trial. The trial lasted for five days. [The attorneys] were much, much more than incredibly brilliant. They presented my wife’s case so precisely and completely that it was if they had lived it. I believe the jury and the judge felt the same. [My attorneys] did their homework. While I am sure the counsel for the defendant is a good lawyer, he was clearly out lawyered by two of the very best.

After the jury received their instructions before deliberations, my attorneys counseled me on what to expect over the next few hours. They informed me of the options that I had and of the negotiations that would take place. They did not pressure me into making a decision and repeatedly told me that decision was mine to make. They were 100% correct in their assessment of the defense counsel’s performance throughout the case and in settlement negotiations. My wife’s case ended with a settlement. I cannot thank Attorney Cappiello and Lubin & Meyer enough for the incredible job they did in telling my wife’s story to the jury.

On behalf of the myself and my children and most of all on behalf of my wife, thank you for having these remarkable lawyers at Lubin & Meyer.”

Husband of woman who died from colon cancer

“My experience with Lubin & Meyer exceeded all of my expectations. From the initial meeting I was met with professionalism and the sensitivity needed to handle personal injury cases. I was informed from the start what the process was and how long it could take. Feeling confident that my case was in the best of hands, I left my attorney to do what he does best and I was able to move on with my life. I was always called when there was a new development and was told to call if I ever wanted to check in when things were quiet. The entire staff of this firm treated me like a person and not just another case, I can’t say enough good things about them. I highly recommend this firm, they are the best of the best.”

Wife whose husband died from misdiagnosed cancer

“Due to medical negligence, I suffered an extensive amount of permanent heart damage. I turned to Lubin & Meyer. The firm’s attorneys patiently and clearly explained what the process would be at all stages of the litigation. Feedback was timely, caring, and compassionate. At all times, I felt like an individual, not merely a ‘case.’ This firm is passionate and extremely competent about what they do. I would recommend Lubin & Meyer without hesitation.”

Client whose heart attack was improperly treated

“My family found the law firm of Lubin & Meyer to be very compassionate, professional and competent. From beginning to end, the attorneys communicated with us and kept us involved in the progression of the case. I would highly recommend this firm as they truly put their clients first.”

Daughter of father who died from misdiagnosed cancer

“From the first phone call to the last interaction with the firm, everyone we dealt with treated us with complete respect, understanding and compassion. We always felt like we were the firm’s top priority.”

Family of woman who suffered anesthesia-related death

“I was very impressed with Lubin & Meyer, from the initial meeting to the final outcome they kept us informed on how our case was going. Our attorney was wonderful and very attentive to our concerns. We highly recommend this law firm”.

Family of woman who died from medication error

More comments from our clients…

card image“I want to thank Lubin & Meyer for its wonderful professional services. I felt my concerns were heard and understood from the very first consultation. The staff was very kind and understanding throughout the difficult process. Thank you to Rob Higgins and Krysia Syska for their professionalism.”

Client whose husband died from misdiagnosed stroke

letter image“I can’t thank you enough…I hope you know I appreciate everything you’ve done. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer! Thank you for telling my daughter’s story so well.”

Parent of an injured child

thanks“Here is a photo of our new wheelchair van. In just a few weeks of using the van, it has made our life a lot simpler. It is so much easier for us to travel to our son’s doctor’s appointments, but it also allows our son to get out more joining us to go grocery shopping or to pick up his grandparents. And this is just one of the things that your hard work has helped us to achieve. We cannot thank you enough for all that was done on our son’s behalf. Although it was hard to imagine the impact that the result you were able to achieve for us would have on our lives, we are now beginning to see its effects and our family life has become a little easier. We are so relieved knowing that we will now be able to provide excellent care for our son throughout his lifetime—and none of this would be possible without you. Thank you so much—you are definitely doing it right!”

Parents of brain injured child

thank“Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated all your hard work in presenting the case for my sister. In my opinion, you were brilliant during our trial. From start to finish a more professional job could not have been presented. You went above and beyond the call of duty. I believe you put your heart and soul into our case. No more could have been asked of you. I want you to know that my sister is watching from above and saying, ‘Job well done.’ Thanks.”

Client whose sister died from cerebral aneurysm

thx“You have worked very hard to see my son lead a better life. As the days and years go by, I’ll have a very special place in my thoughts and heart for you and your exceptional law firm as you continue your noble mission. Thank you.”

Client whose son is legally blind due to medical error

note“What can I say but thank you. You and your staff have done a wonderful job in handling our son’s case. You have helped us send a message to the doctor and staff that were involved in this life-altering experience. Now I can let the tears fall. Now my son can rest in peace, and I thank you for that. It is extremely hard to say goodbye to someone who has touched so many lives; someone who has helped so many families find their truth and to get closure. Again, thank you.”

Client whose labor and delivery was mismanaged

thanks“On behalf of our daughter, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to Lubin & Meyer for taking on such a difficult case. Your team seems like they are part of the family and it is hard to break from that relationship so suddenly. Our thanks go out to everyone on your team who put in their heart and soul during the trial fighting on behalf of our daughter. We have piece of mind knowing that we got to have our daughter’s story told. If it wasn’t for Lubin & Meyer taking a chance with us on this difficult case, we would never have really found out the answers to some of our questions as to why things happened the way they did at the time of the incident involving our daughter. The two weeks of trial were both trying and fulfilling —it was good to see the doctor have to answer for his negligence in the case of our daughter. Life is not perfect—and sometimes you need to answer for your mistakes. We feel that your firm fought for our daughter as best you could and for that we are forever grateful. Our daughter will succeed in life as best she can through having people like you on her side. Once again, please accept our warmest appreciation for everything you have done for our family.”

Parents of brain injured child

th“Meeting Attorney Meyer at a conference led to a very successful legal experience for us. I found Attorney Meyer to be extremely empathetic and very knowledgeable around the issues of therapist abuse. He was very straight with us, did not build unrealistic expectation, but was encouraging toward reaching the best possible outcome. He kept us informed every step of the way, and the whole process was amazingly timely and efficient. It was very emotional for me and I had no expectation of his being a therapist, but he always listened to my concerns and took them seriously. My former therapist didn’t deny the allegations and was quite eager to settle and we came to an agreement swiftly. It feels very helpful to me that it did not drag on. It felt like we were able to put the situation into Attorney Meyer’s hands. I would highly recommend him to others.”

Client abused by therapist

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