The Team Approach at Lubin & Meyer

Medical Experts Malpractice Review

In addition to the principal lawyers in the firm, Lubin & Meyer prides itself on its large and highly qualified professional in-house medical staff. Lubin & Meyer employs nurses and physicians to assist with personal injury and medical evaluations, as well as an economist, accountant, computer programmers, medical records personnel and a quality control manager to oversee the status of each case. The firm’s staff also includes top-ranked law students from Boston’s finest law schools who participate in the firm’s paralegal program. This diversified and skilled staff insures that each client will obtain the highest quality of legal services.

At Lubin & Meyer, primary responsibility for each client is assigned to one of the partners in the firm who works with other lawyers and staff members in a team approach. In addition, the firm regularly calls upon consultants in medical, engineering, technology and social science fields to provide clients with the highest quality of representation. This team approach insures that each case is prepared in a progressive, thorough and efficient manner.

In addition to the extensive in-house staff, Lubin & Meyer also regularly consults a large number of locally and nationally prominent authorities in such wide and varied professional fields such as medicine, engineering and social science.

To insure that the lawyers are familiar with all technical and medical aspects of their cases, experts from Boston’s leading hospitals, medical institutions, universities and businesses are consulted on a daily basis. These professionals, who assist in preparing cases and in providing court testimony, include physicians of all specialties, engineers, chemists, flammable fabric experts, architects, surveyors, photographers, investigators and automobile accident reconstruction experts. These comprehensive legal and professional resources enable Lubin & Meyer to successfully handle every type of medical malpractice and personal injury case.