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At Lubin & Meyer, we understand the profound impact that sexual assault can have on victims' lives. Our dedicated team of sexual abuse lawyers is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive legal representation for survivors of sexual assault in Boston and beyond.


With years of experience and a deep understanding of the patterns and complexities involved in such cases, we pursue civil litigation (as opposed to criminal lawsuits) to seek just compensation for victims, hold perpetrators and institutions accountable for their actions (or inactions), and help to expose behaviors to inspire change and protect others from similar harms.

The insidious nature of sexual assault cases

Lubin & Meyer is currently representing more than 180 clients in a high-profile, class-action doctor sexual assault lawsuit against a former Boston rheumatologist, Derrick Todd, MD, who is accused of inappropriate behavior including medically unnecessary vaginal and breast exams. The case serves as an example of the depth and breadth of abuse that can happen by one sexual predator. 

Attorney Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. who leads the action against Dr. Todd, says that “the victims in this case — much like those in the Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics case — felt alone. Little did they realize that there were dozens of others suffering the same abuse.” Says Meyer, “It’s never just one.”

Drew Meyer, lawyer representing Dr. Derrick Todd patients

Attorney Andrew Meyer, who filed the class action sexual assault lawsuit on behalf of 180 of Dr. Derrick Todd's patients, has been featured in many news reports and is an outspoken advocate for survivors of sexual assault.

These victims accuse their perpetrators of taking advantage of their trust in them as doctors and using a similar ruse of using pelvic exams and pelvic floor therapy to satisfy their own sexual needs. Additionally, Lubin & Meyer’s lawsuit also names supervisors and institutions that oversaw Dr. Todd and allowed this conduct to take place unchecked.

Representing victims of sexual abuse

Lubin & Meyer is prepared to represent women and men who have been harmed by sexual assault in any area of work, school or life. Some common areas are as follows.

    Physician misconduct

    Survivors of sexual assault by medical professionals deserve compassionate and skilled legal representation. Our attorneys are here to stand by victims of physician misconduct, including cases of sexual abuse by doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare providers. Our representation extends to cases involving abuse during medical exams, procedures, or treatments, as well as cases against healthcare facilities for their failure to protect patients from harm.

    Clergy sexual abuse

    We advocate for survivors of clergy sexual abuse who have suffered at the hands of trusted religious leaders and institutions. This includes cases involving sexual abuse by priests, ministers, pastors, and other religious figures. We also handle cases against religious organizations for their failure to prevent or address abuse within their institutions.

    Scouting and youth organizations

    Our firm is dedicated to representing survivors of abuse within youth organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America, sports leagues, youth camps and other youth programs. This encompasses cases of sexual abuse by scout leaders, volunteers, or other members of youth groups. We also handle cases involving the failure of these organizations to properly screen and supervise staff and volunteers.

    Daycare abuse

    When children are harmed in daycare settings, it is essential to hold negligent parties accountable. We are committed to advocating for victims of daycare abuse, including cases of sexual abuse by daycare staff or other children in the facility. Our representation extends to cases involving inadequate supervision, improper hiring practices, and failure to report abuse to authorities.

    Ride share assault

    Victims of sexual assault while using ride-share services, such as Uber or Lyft, deserve justice and support. We are able to pursue cases involving assault by ride-share drivers or fellow passengers. This includes incidents of sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct during rides, as well as cases against ride-share companies for inadequate safety measures and screening procedures.

    Sexual abuse in school 

    Sexual abuse in educational settings can have devastating and long-lasting effects on survivors. Our firm is committed to representing victims of school sexual abuse, including cases of abuse by teachers, professors, coaches, administrators, and other school staff members. This encompasses incidents of sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct on school premises, during school-sponsored activities, or on school transportation. We can also handle cases against school districts and educational institutions for their failure to prevent or address abuse within their facilities.

A record of success

Lubin & Meyer has demonstrated its prowess in the courtroom and in settlement negotiations, recording more multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements than any other law firm in New England. The firm has successfully tried sexual assault cases and has experience dealing with the sensitive nature of sexual assault claims. Our legal team is unduly qualified to provide the unique guidance, support, empathy and legal knowledge required in evaluating and bringing sexual assault cases to trial.

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