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  • Prostate Cancer is the 2nd most common cancer affecting men in the U.S.

  • Most early prostate cancers grow slowly.

  • When timely diagnosed and properly treated early prostate cancers often do not lead to death.

  • Unfortunately, some practitioners have relied on this information and have taken a relaxed approach in screening or offering screening to their patients — with devastating consequences as evidenced by the recently released Northwestern University study.*

  • The study reports a 72% increase in the diagnosis of advanced prostate cancers in the last ten years.

  • Advanced prostate cancers have spread (metastasized) to other parts of the body and have a poorer prognosis.

* Study: Increasing Incidence of Metastatic Prostate Cancer in the United States (2004–2013).

Prostate Cancer Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

If you believe there was a mistake made in diagnosing your prostate cancer or in the treatment of your prostate cancer, please contact our law firm to have your case reviewed by our medical malpractice lawyers at no charge. Circumstances that could lead to a potential medical malpractice claim may include but are not limited to:

  • Delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • Primary care physician failed to screen for prostate cancer
  • Urologist failed to follow up with a PSA test result
  • Doctor dismissed your symptoms
  • Laboratory mistake, medical mistake, medication error
  • Medical negligence, surgical negligence

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Recent Prostate Lawsuits Significant Results
Failure to Act on Abnormal PSA Result
PCP's failure to act on abnormal PSA result and perform additional screening results in death by prostate cancer
$4.5 million settlement
Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer
$2 million settlement
Failure to Screen for Prostate Cancer
Urologist decides elevated PSA test result is benign, fails to diagnose prostate cancer (Gleason 9)
$2.84 million verdict
PSA Test Results Withheld
Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Delay: Elevated PSA Test Result Withheld for 16 Months
$2 million settlement
Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Delay
Urologist's delay in diagnosis of Gleason 9 prostate cancer leads to advanced disease
$1.5 million settlement
Death During Prostate Cancer Surgery
58-year-old man dies during a prostatectomy following misdiagnosed prostate cancer
$1 million settlement
Delay in Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
Lawsuit claims doctor was negligent by failing to refer patient to a urologist for a biopsy after elevated PSA tests, and failure to repeat screening annually

$1 million settlement
PCP Failure To Offer PSA Testing
Physician's failure to provide PSA testing results in delayed diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer

$1 million settlement

Boston Prostate Cancer Lawyers

If you believe that your prostate cancer should have been diagnosed sooner, or that your loved one's prostate cancer should have been diagnosed sooner, you may not have received proper medical care. Our medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in delay of diagnosis of cancer lawsuits and can properly evaluate your case free of charge.

Our medical malpractice lawyers have represented individuals and families in cases involving most of the top hospitals in:

  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire and
  • Rhode Island.

If you have nagging questions regarding the diagnosis or treatment of your prostate cancer, please call us to discuss the specifics of your case at 617-720-4447.

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