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Did Your Child Suffer a Birth Injury ?

If you believe your child’s condition (including a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or other developmental delays) may be the result of a mismanaged delivery, please allow our experienced birth injury lawyers and medical staff to evaluate your case to determine if you have a valid medical malpractice claim. Our birth injury attorneys represent families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Deciding whether events involved in the birth of your child constitute medical malpractice should only be decided by attorneys experienced in this area of medical malpractice who regularly take birth injury lawsuits to trial. For over 3 decades, Lubin & Meyer's birth injury lawyers have achieved record-setting compensation on behalf of birth-injured children and their parents.

Also Representing Injured Mothers

In addition to injuries to an infant at birth, our attorneys have experience representing mothers who were injured or died for not receiving proper medical care before, during and/or after delivery of their baby. This type of medical malpractice, referred to as maternal mortality and maternal death claims, is unfortunately on the rise in the United States. Read more on our Patient Safety Blog: Our Healthcare System Is Failing Mothers in Childbirth.

Birth Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Below are some of our most significant birth injury related lawsuits.

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