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As Boston’s leading medical malpractice and personal injury law firm, Lubin & Meyer attorneys have seen many instances of abuse by trusted healthcare professionals. Our doctor sexual abuse lawyers have been involved in multiple civil lawsuits where doctor-patient boundaries have been violated.


Can a Patient Sue A Doctor for Sexual Assault?

Our attorneys are frequently asked, "Can I sue my doctor for sexual assault?" The answer is, yes. It has been our experience that when a physician or other healthcare professional is accused of inappropriate behaviors, there are often multiple victims of the same abuser who may be suffering in silence. 

Our law firm currently represents more than 170 patients of a Boston rheumatologist accused of sexual abuse, which has garnered national attention. See related information on this case:

Drew Meyer, lawyer representing Dr. Derrick Todd patients

Attorney Andrew Meyer, who filed the class action sexual assault lawsuit on behalf of 170 of Dr. Derrick Todd's patients, has been featured in many news reports on the complaints against the former Brigham rheumatologist.

Our doctor abuse lawyers have represented patients mistreated by their physician, psychiatrist or other healthcare professionals. Sexual abuse of a patient gives rise to a claim against the doctor. A physician abuse lawsuit may also involve negligence by department heads and hospital administrators that oversee an abusive doctor. Sexual abuse can be committed by any healthcare professional in any healthcare setting.

Patterns of Behavior of Predatory Doctors

When a trusted doctor exhibits behaviors inconsistent to the normal patient/doctor relationship, it can be upsetting and confusing, and cause embarassment, shame or trauma. Patient-doctor boundary violation behaviors can include:

  • Performing exams that are unusually lengthy or painful
  • Conducting exams without gloves or proper draping
  • Sharing or asking for sexually explicit details
  • Touching, hugging or rubbing for no medical reason
  • Acting in a flirtatious manner
  • Scheduling appointments outside office hours
  • Texting or communicating unrelated to medical care
  • Taking photos without consent
  • Askingyou to keep secrets
  • Not properly documenting exams
  • Performing intimate exams when not needed

Any type of behavior of a sexual nature that makes the patient feel uncomfortable, could be sexual abuse. If you have experienced behaviors that raise questions, trust your instincts. Speak with a lawyer who is experienced in medical sexual abuse cases. While it is a difficult conversation to begin, we can help you to discuss your concerns in a safe and judgment-free place.

Advocates for Victims of Physician Sexual Abuse

With a proven track record in the courts and experience dealing with the sensitive nature of medical sexual assault claims, Lubin & Meyer can ensure the best possible outcome for survivors of sexual abuse. Our legal team is ready and experienced in providing the unique guidance, support, empathy and legal knowledge required in evaluating and bringing medical sexual assault cases to trial.

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