Derrick Todd, MD: Class Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Patients by Lubin & Meyer PC

Number of patients joining the class action complaint continues to increase as more women come forward

Updated March 28, 2024

Number of people suing former Brigham rheumatologist accused of sexual abuse rises to 206
The Boston Globe
March 27, 2024

New master complaint in Suffolk Superior Court consolidates all the cases against Dr. Derrick Todd.
Lubin & Meyer Attorney William Thompson is lead counsel.

Todd Plaintiffs' Master Complaint - Read the full complaint

Updated December 27, 2023

Doctor sexual abuse lawyers at law firm Lubin & Meyer continue to receive inquiries from patients of Derrick Todd, MD, formerly of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Charles River Medcial Associates. Attorney Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of former patients of Dr. Derrick Todd in Suffolk Superior Court on October 11, 2023. 

Since the filing of that complaint, Lubin & Meyer has received hundreds of phone calls and messages from patients reaching out for legal information related to their experiences with Dr. Todd. Lubin & Meyer currently represents in excess of 179 patients, both female and male. Former patients continue to reach out to our firm at (617) 720-4447 (or by using the Contact form or online chat feature on this website) to consult with our team of attorneys, available 24 hours at no cost to assist victims of abuse.

Todd, a rheumatologist who treated thousands of women, is accused of performing breast and pelvic exams, without gloves or a speculum, some that lasted up to 45 minutes, and left women traumatized — in pain and bleeding.

Class action lawsuit against Derrick Todd, MD - Read the full complaint

The lawsuit states: “these horrifying, traumatizing, and deplorable acts took place over years, from at least as far back as 2011 and continuing through July, 2023, at which time Dr. Todd was investigated by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Board of Registration in Medicine, and formally resigned. 

Attorney Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., firm founder and widely recognized patient safety advocate who brought the complaint on behalf of the victims of Todd, when asked for comment by numerous media outlets said, “He practiced way outside the lanes. A rheumatologist has no business doing pelvic exams. Patients have described him doing awkward breast exams that lasted inordinate amounts of time.”

The class action complaint lists a dozen defendants including Derrick Todd, M.D., Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, Charles River Medical Associates, as well as administrators in supervisory positions at Charles River Medical Associates.

“While Todd is obviously responsible for his conduct,” said Attorney Meyer, “those responsible for supervision and oversight share blame in allowing this abuse to go on.”

The class action complaint reads that these organizations and individuals had a duty to "hire, train, supervise, manage, oversee, and retain competent medical providers who refrained from assault and inappropriate examinations of patients."

The complaint details 27 counts of negligence, infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual assault and battery against Todd and the other defendants and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Drew Meyer, lawyer representing Dr. Derrick Todd patients

Attorney Andrew Meyer who filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of Dr. Derrick Todd's patients has been featured in many news reports on the complaints against the former Brigham rheumatologist.  

Meyer, who has successfully handled numberous sexual assault cases by doctors, says, “Patients think they're the only one. But as soon as their story gets exposure, we hear from 10, 20, 30 people who were subjected to the same kinds of abuse. It’s never just one.”

According to Meyer, the first brave patients who go public are what causes so many others to come forward and advocate. Accountability comes as more accusers and media reports surface. Meyer supports and encourages anyone who feels uncomfortable about their interactions with Dr. Derrick Todd or believes they may have been abused, to trust their instinct and reach out.

We have heard from many, many patients — all with similar stories of abuse by Dr. Todd. We encourage anyone who would like to discuss their experience with Dr. Derrick Todd to contact our firm. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential. Your voice matters. We are here to help you be heard.

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> Read the full complaint here: Class action lawsuit against Dr. Derrick Todd

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Brief timeline of Dr. Todd accusations and filing of lawsuit

  • Early July 2023 The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine initiates an investigation of Dr. Derrick Todd
  • July 31 2023 Dr. Derrick Todd resigns from Brigham and Women's after an investigation by the hospital following complaints brought by two physicians in April 2023
  • Patients' complaints continue to be received by Brigham and Women's Hospital and Charles River Medical Associates about Dr. Derrick Todd
  • September 2023 Dr. Derrick Todd agrees to stop practicing medicine, anywhere
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital and Charles River Medical Associates send letters to thousands of patients of Dr. Derrick Todd
  • Local law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office and Boston Police are investigating patients' claims involving Dr. Derrick Todd
  • October 11 2023 Lubin & Meyer files class action lawsuit on behalf of the many victims of Dr. Derrick Todd
  • Late October 2023 Lubin & Meyer continues to receive inquiries from former patients of Dr. Derrick Todd

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Are you a former patient of Dr. Todd?

Patients of Dr. Derrick Todd continue to join the class actiion lawsuit. Lubin & Meyer's medical malpractice attorneys are available to answer your questions surrounding improper care and joining the lawsuit.

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