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The medical malpractice attorneys at the law firm of Lubin & Meyer PC are committed to providing unparalleled legal representation to the victims of medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury. While our attorneys are chosen and renowned as "Boston's Best" medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers, it is important to know that our attorneys represent victims of medical malpractice and personal injury throughout the state of Rhode Island as well.

New England's Most Experienced Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Lubin & Meyer is one of region's most successful medical malpractice and personal injury law firms representing patients harmed by medical errors. With verdicts and settlements that regulary surpass those of any other law firm in New England, Lubin & Meyer remains dedicated to protecting the rights of injured patients and to bringing positive change to health care.

Lubin & Meyer's attorneys have achieved some of the largest verdicts and settlements in Rhode Island for medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits. Below are examples of recent significant cases we have successfully litigated in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Settlements

$6.1 million settlement
Wrongful death (dram shop); man killed by drunk driver
$5.65 million settlement
Failure to perform C-section resulting in birth injuries
$4 million settlement
Neurological injury while intubated results in paraplegia
$4 million settlement
Newborn infant suffers brain damage due to negligence in nursery
$1.5 million settlement
Stroke following misdiagnosis of a TIA
$1.1 million settlement
Failure to perform C-section resulting in severe brain damage
$1 million settlement
Delay in diagnosis of urothelial cancer
$1 million settlement
Failure to diagnose rectal cancer
$1 million settlement
Delay in treatment of carcinoid tumors resulting in death
$1 million settlement
Failure to to treat GI bleed resulting in death
$.9 million settlement
Delay in diagnosis of thyroid cancer

Our Rhode Island Attorneys

Attorneys at Lubin & Meyer licensed to practice in Rhode Island are:

Attorney Adam Satin

Attorney William Thompson

Attorney Julie Gielowski

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Lubin & Meyer — Rhode Island's Leader in Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Law

Our RI medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in handling all types of medical malpractice lawsuits, pursuing claims for the victims of medical injuries in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

Birth Injury (Cerebral Palsy/Erb's Palsy)
• Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack
• Failure to Diagnose Stroke/Aneurysm
• Hospital Errors
• Medication Errors
• Misdiagnosed Cancer/Delay in Diagnosing Cancer/
  Failure to Diagnose Cancer (breast cancer, prostate cancer,
  lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, uterine/cervical cancer)

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