New England’s Best Lawyers® Features Lubin & Meyer Attorneys on Cover

The region's top medical malpractice and personal injury law firm continue to lead the way in plaintiffs law   

Best Lawyers® / Boston Globe  - April 2024

BOSTON, MA — New England’s Best Lawyers® 2024 Edition, the annual guide to the top lawyers in the region published as a supplement to the Boston Globe, is out with Lubin & Meyer featured as the cover story.

The publication is an annual listing of the top legal talent in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, as determined by Best Lawyers' methodology based entirely on peer review.

Five Lubin & Meyer attorneys have been listed continuously in the guide:

The feature article “Protecting Patients and the Public” is reproduced in full below.

New England's Best Lawyers 2024

Lubin & Meyer, headquartered in Boston, represents injured persons and their families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, with a record of success unmatched by any other firm in the region.

Protecting Patients and the Public

Lubin & Meyer completes its most successful year yet, charting new territory with a historic class action suit involving hundreds of patients in New England.

By Justin Smulison
Best Lawyers New England 2024

For 50 years, Lubin & Meyer, PC has successfully pursued countless catastrophic personal injury cases, with the overarching goal of safeguarding patients and consumers from harm, negligence and the reckless acts of others—whether they are seeking treatment from a medical professional, expecting safe conditions and environments or facing hazardous defective products. 

A Landmark Year

Widely recognized as New England's most successful personal injury firm, Lubin & Meyer has grown to include 21 lawyers, four nurses and several paralegals and legal staff in its Boston City Hall Plaza office. With a track record of securing over $1.2 billion in verdicts and settlements in the past decade alone, the firm continues to set new benchmarks for success. In 2023, Lubin & Meyer once again surpassed all other firms, securing more than nine times as many “million-plus” verdicts and settlements than all others, reaffirming its position as the demonstrated leader in high-value case resolutions throughout New England.

While 2024 marks the firm's 50th anniversary, it doubles as a landmark year as Lubin & Meyer pursues a historic legal action representing close to 200 patients in the highly publicized claims against a Boston rheumatologist accused of sexual abuse.

“We are always mindful of those who need the strongest representation, often when their medical injury was preventable or detectable,” says Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., who founded the firm to provide a voice for injured victims. “We have proven to be the most reliable and successful in the most challenging times.”

A Local Case with National Impact

In October 2023, the firm announced it had filed a significant action in Suffolk Superior Court on behalf of patients of Derrick Todd, MD, formerly of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Charles River Medical Associates. The suit accuses Dr. Todd, a rheumatologist, of egregious misconduct, including unnecessary and invasive pelvic and breast exams, at times without gloves and with some lasting as long as 45 minutes, shattering the trust of his patients and causing devasting harm.

The initial victims reached out to Lubin & Meyer in fall 2023. Following the announcement of the first lawsuit and with the ensuing news coverage, Lubin & Meyer received hundreds of phone calls and emails from other patients who had similar experiences with Dr. Todd. By January 2024, the firm was representing close to 200 female and male patients—adults and minors, sisters, mothers and daughters—in a class action lawsuit that has garnered international attention.

The class action against Dr. Todd underscores the firm's unwavering commitment to accountability and securing justice for those who have suffered harm. With hundreds of survivors bravely stepping forward, Lubin & Meyer stands at the forefront, poised to advocate on their behalf, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights upheld.

“Our decades of experience in complex medical malpractice and catastrophic injury cases have uniquely prepared us for a class action suit of this caliber,” says Meyer, whose exceptional leadership and advocacy recently earned him induction into the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Inaugural Hall of Fame Class, which came on the heels of Boston magazine recognizing him as one of the “Most Influential Bostonians” for the positive impact his work has had on the lives of so many. “This doctor violated his oath not to harm—to protect and act in the best interests of his patients. We see it as a privilege to represent the survivors of his abuse. And with each victim who comes forward, we feel and understand the enormity of our responsibility to secure justice for them.”

Meyer is leading the case along with Lubin & Meyer partners William J. Thompson, Maria Mazur and Elizabeth Cranford, and Mary Wenham of the medical staff. Lubin & Meyer represents the majority of Dr. Todd's patients who have come forward, and Meyer expects the tort to last at least three years.

“When numerous plaintiffs come forward, it is unlikely that supervisors and leadership were unaware of this doctor's unethical and illegal behavior,” he said. “We plan to expose a pattern of systemic recklessness and negligence. We aim to hold all wrongdoers accountable, secure maximum compensation for the victims and demand the necessary reforms to prevent such unthinkable acts from recurring in our health care systems.”

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Lubin & Meyer's History of Recognition by Best Lawyers

Lubin & Meyer has been featured on the cover of New England's Best Lawyers six times in the last 10 years.

Lubin & Meyer on the covers of New England's Best Lawyers magazine.

In 2013, Andrew Meyer was featured with an accompanying cover story, "The Powerhouse Medical Malpractice Law Firm on Rebuilding Lives and Improving Medicine." That article states,

The systemic improvements the firm has forced over the years have been significant. In just one example, after a Lubin & Meyer suit uncovered a flaw in a major Boston hospital’s computer system that allowed medical professionals to overdose a patient resulting in her death, the hospital changed its protocols and put a backup system in place to safeguard against a similar tragedy.

In 2015, Robert Higgins who was selected as Boston's Medical Malpractice Lawyer of the Year appeared on the cover with the companion article, "Safeguarding A Patient's Right to Secure and Reliable Medicine." In that issue, Higgins is quoted,

“The fact is, medical mistakes are endemic to our health care system, they are one of the leading causes of death in this country, and as a firm, it is not only our mission to achieve maximum compensation for our clients, but also to ensure patient safety for the general public. Improving any system requires change, which in turn requires leadership, and that is where we excel.”

In 2016, the firm's partners graced the issue titled, "Two Decades of Best Lawyers," highlighting Lubin & Meyer's leadership on patient safety issues, which has earned the firm recgonition nationwide. One example given: Lubin & Meyer lawsuits at the center of the controversy over the practice of a single surgeon double-booking (overlapping) surgeries — used by surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital and others — which was covered in an exposé by the Boston Globe's Spotlight Team, exposing the practice and leading to changes required by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine.

Meyer is quoted,

“Patients deserve a health care system where safety is a priority and errors are not just swept under the rug. By exposing the lack of quality treatment in these institutions, we have done our part to help create a safer environment for patients everywhere.”

In 2020, Best Lawyers New England highlighted Attorney Meyer's outspoken call for reform of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, due to examples of self-regulation protecting doctors more than patients.   

The articles states:

“As New England’s most recognizable medical malpractice attorney, he has built a firm around his mission of representing the voiceless—people seriously injured by the shortcomings and mistakes of a complex, often secretive medical system. ‘Our work shines a light on dangerous practices, a medical system unable to regulate itself and mistakes that by definition are avoidable,’ says Meyer.”

In 2022, Best Lawyers New England recognized the firm for its unmatched results describing Lubin & Meyer as the "hardest-working, most successful medical malpractice and personal injury law firm in New England." The feature article, Success and Leadership by All Measures, notes that:

the firm "is known for accepting challenging and high-profile cases — such as those related to “patient dumping,” concurrent (double-booking) surgeries and computer-dosing errors—all taking place at major Boston hospitals. The firm’s work has often led to substantial and landmark results that have set precedents in consumer and injury law.""

In 2023, the publication called Lubin & Meyer the “Perennial Powerhouse” as “Boston's Top Legal Team in the Fight to Prevent Medical Errors.” The article notes the increasing difficulty in bringing medical cases. Says Meyer:

“Claims are becoming more complex. We spend more time today than at any other period in our firm’s history investigating the claims because medical providers have become more sophisticated in how their work is documented, and as a result of the providers not wanting to acknowledge that an error was made in the care delivered.”

Failures or delays in informing or diagnosing medical conditions were the root cause of action for the majority of Lubin & Meyer’s cases that were resolved in 2022. Sadly, Meyer notes that several of those errors led to preventable deaths. 

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