What Sets Us Apart

Safeguarding Every Patient’s Right to Quality Medical Care

Best LawyersRecognized as the Commonwealth’s most successful medical malpractice law firm, Lubin & Meyer is committed to reducing the medical risks faced by patients. With a team of attorneys and medical professionals regarded as the best in their fields, the firm’s work has brought about necessary and lifesaving changes in many major hospitals.

“What sets us apart is what we’re able to accomplish for our clients,” says the firm’s founder, Andrew C. Meyer Jr.

“We provide the accountability our clients search for, the compensation they deserve, and the assurance that the medical error they suffered will not be swept under the rug.”

“Our work is changing the practice of medicine and, from that, everyone benefits.”

See cover story in The Boston Globe's New England’s Best Lawyers: The Powerhouse Firm on Rebuilding Lives and Improving the Practice of Medicine.

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