Protecting Others

stethascopeNearly 100,000 patients die every year from medical errors. Countless others suffer severe and permanent, life-altering injuries as a result of medical mistakes. While these numbers are alarming, research indicates that only 15 to 20 percent of all medical errors are ever reported. Therefore, the true number of medical mistakes is estimated to be much higher.

Medical mistakes should not be commonplace in our healthcare system. Reorganization of institutions and higher standards of care can help to reduce the number of medical errors. Holding medical providers accountable for their mistakes can help to raise the bar on healthcare performance, resulting in improved reliability and care.

Undertaking a medical malpractice case extends far beyond the pursuit of financial compensation. It involves accountability and recognition, which may ultimately protect others from suffering similar harm.

Lubin & Meyer continues to be successful in achieving more than just the maximum compensation for our clients. We have been effective at making positive changes in the medical profession in order to protect others and help establish criteria that will help ensure that the harm you or your loved one have suffered will be prevented from happening to another patient.

Improving a system requires change. Change requires leadership. Lubin & Meyer is not only the industry leader in achieving maximum compensation for its clients, but Lubin & Meyer works to ensure patient safety for the general public. We strive to enhance the quality of medical care and our work is not only about providing the best possible legal representation for our clients, but it is also about working to reduce adverse medical events and the accompanying devastation they can cause. Our impact on the medical community has served to strengthen and improve the quality assurance programs in institutions, and we've been effective in demanding the redesign of flawed systems, teaching practices and improved reliability.

Medical malpractice is a complicated area of the law and is best pursued by attorneys with expertise in the field. At Lubin & Meyer, all of our attorneys specialize in medical malpractice and are equipped to assess the merits of your claim and manage your case to satisfy the wishes of you and your family.

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