Pancreatic Cancer Settlement: $1 Million

Misread CT Scan Causes Delay in Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit - Lawyer’s Trial Report 2013

The plaintiff’s decedent died on June 25, 2010, of pancreatic cancer at the age of 60. The plaintiff claimed the defendant radiologist failed to report an abnormality in the pancreas on an abdominal CT scan performed on April 13, 2006.

The CT scan, done to evaluate abdominal pain and a ventral hernia, described a normal appearing pancreas. The plaintiff claimed the CT scan revealed a 4-5 mm lesion in the tail of the pancreas. The plaintiff further claimed that the abnormality required follow-up imaging and/or biopsy.

On 2/14/07, the plaintiff’s decedent underwent an abdominal CT scan with contrast that demonstrated abnormal enhancement with enlargement of the pancreatic body and tail with some minimal stranding in the adjacent fat. The pancreatic lesion had increased in size, now measuring 4.9 x 3.5 cm.

The plaintiff alleged that the 10-month delay in diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer resulted in a premature and preventable death. The defendant contended that any alleged delay had no effect on the outcome, and that the prognosis for pancreatic cancer, regardless of when it is diagnosed, is very poor.

The case settled prior to trial for $1,000,000.

Court: Middlesex Superior Court Attorneys for the plaintiff: Andrew C. Meyer and William J. Thompson, Lubin & Meyer, P.C.

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