Climbing Wall Death Results in $1.73 Million Settlement

2009 Wrongful Death Trial Report

24 year-old woman dies after fall from inflatable climing wall

This wrongful death action involved a single 24 year-old woman with no children who died on 5/25/05 as a result of severe head, neck, and back injuries she sustained when she fell from a 28-foot high inflatable climbing wall on 5/22/05. The inflatable climbing wall was part of a public event at a major venue in Massachusetts.

The decedent had been tailgating in the parking lot of the premises and as she and a group of friends were entering the venue, they came upon an inflatable climbing wall brought in for the event for the amusement of the patrons. She signed a Release and took her turn climbing up the wall. She was not wearing a helmet, as there were none available. She was strapped into a harness that was held by an operator of the company that owned and rented the inflatable wall. It was alleged that the operator failed to secure the harness rope through the available gri-gri, a device designed to lock the rope in the event of a fall, and thus prevent the climber from falling more than a few feet.

The decedent bounced off the inflatable base, and the decedent´┐Żs back, head and neck slammed to the asphalt pavement. Following the fall, the decedent was unconscious, unresponsive and a large amount of blood was pooling on the pavement. EMS personnel responded and rendered care. Med-Flight was called and she was subsequently life-flighted to a major Boston hospital. Upon arrival, she was admitted in critical condition with severe back, head and neck injuries.

She died on 5/25/05. The case settled in August 2009 a few weeks before trial for $1,730,000.

Lubin & Meyer attorneys represented the plaintiff in this personal injury wrongful death lawsuit.

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