Lab Error Results in Advanced Cancer at Diagnosis: $14 Million Settlement 

Record-setting medical malpractice settlement in laboratory error case.

2022 Medical Malpractice Settlement Report
By William J. Thompson, Attorney 
Suffolk Superior Court, Boston, Massachusetts

This medical malpractice case was resolved in just over one year by a multidisciplinary team within Lubin & Meyer: Attorneys Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., William J. Thompson, and Maria L. Mazur.

Lab error case summary

The plaintiff underwent a laboratory test which was reported as normal but in fact was abnormal. The plaintiff was not notified of the error, which went undiscovered for a number of years until the plaintiff was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

At the time the laboratory error was discovered, there was no explanation for why it had occurred, or exactly what had happened.

The plaintiff claimed the laboratory made the error. The laboratory acknowledged an error had occurred.

Discovery was pursued aggressively, and the plaintiff was able to resolve the case at mediation for $14,000,000.

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