Construction Site Accident: $7 Million Lawsuit Settlement

2020 Personal Injury Case Report
By Attorney William J. Thompson

$7 million settlement reached in personal injury lawsuit for injuries sustained at construction site

The plaintiff suffered a head injury on a construction site. The plaintiff was hospitalized and underwent several surgeries to repair fractures of the skull, vertebrae, and facial bones. The plaintiff recovered and from a physical standpoint has no residual deficits or deformities. The plaintiff underwent extensive rehabilitation and was able to return to work. The plaintiff has no cognitive deficits, and is living independently without any assistance.

The lawsuit was brought against the general contractor and a subcontractor. The plaintiff claimed the defendants were negligent in causing the accident, or allowing the accident to occur. The defendants denied liability.

The case proceeded through discovery, after which it was settled by the parties for $7,000,000, which was the full amount of all available insurance.

Lubin & Meyer's lawyers Andrew C. Meyer Jr. and William J. Thompson represented the plaintiff in this personal injury lawsuit.

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