$1.25 Million Settlement for Auto Accident Injuries

2009 Personal Injury Trial Report

Motor Vehicle Negligence: Passenger sustains physical and neurological injuries in car crash

The plaintiff is a 65-year-old-man who sustained multiple injuries in an automobile accident on 8/30/04. The plaintiff was being driven home from work by the defendant. As she was driving, the defendant attempted to pass a car on the right and she struck the curb. The car then proceeded to cross the center line, directly into on-coming traffic and collided head-on with another car.

The plaintiff was found at the scene wandering around and unaware that he had been in an accident. He was transported to Lawrence General Hospital Emergency Department (ED). Upon arrival to the emergency room, it was noted that the plaintiff had three large head lacerations which were bleeding briskly. The plaintiff was intubated and a CT scan of his head showed subarachnoid and epidural bleeding. A chest CT demonstrated blood in his left lung field and a laceration of his spleen. His condition required that he be transferred to Boston Medical Center (BMC).

During his stay at Boston Medical Center, the plaintiff was found to have suffered a left frontal hemorrhagic contusion, subarachnoid hemorrhage with subdural and epidural hematoma; liver laceration, splenic fracture, left hemothorax with right lower lobe atelectasis and mediastinal shift, a compression fracture of L1 and multiple fractures of the left inferior ribs and lumbar transverse processes.

On 10/2/04, the plaintiff was transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for acute rehabilitation for his traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Along with his physical injuries, the plaintiff continues to suffer from significant memory loss, severe mood swings, loss of energy and impaired cognitive function.

The case settled 1 month prior to trial for 1,250,000.

Lubin & Meyer attorneys represented plaintiff in this auto accident lawsuit.

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