Psych doc agrees to settlement, pay $1M

Published by The Boston Herald, December 17, 1992

Dr. Margaret Bean-Bayog, the Lexington psychiatrist accused of seducing a suicidal patient and causing his death, agreed to pay his family $1 million.

The settlement comes three months after Bean-Bayog relinquished her state medical license and about two years before the malpractice and wrongful death civil suit brought against her by the family of former Harvard Medical School student Paul Lozano was scheduled for trial.

The settlement decision was made by her insurance company, the Joint Underwriting Association of Massachusetts, with Bean-Bayog’s support.

Andrew Meyer, the Lozano family’s attorney, said the settlement shows Bean-Bayog’s insurance company " made a decision this case could not be defended. "

The $1 million settlement is the maximum amount that can be awarded under her insurance policy.

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