Jury awards $30M to assure care for child brain-damaged at birth

Published by The Patriot Ledger, October 26, 1992

Danielle Hall, 7 1/2, has been deaf, blind, and mute since birth, the victim of severe brain damage. Yet she speaks without saying a word.

"You can tell from her facial expression if she is happy or sad," said her mother Barbara Hall. "When she cries, sometimes a hug will help. "

A Boston jury offered another form of help last Friday—$30 million to assist her family care for the paralyzed Danielle with the latest medical advice and equipment. She is hooked up to apparatus that keeps her alive and she must have round-the-clock attention.

The jury ruled the doctors were negligent in their treatment of Barbara Hall when she was in labor with Danielle on March 26, 1985.

The amount the jury awarded was actually $20 million, but with interest, it was increased to $30 million, according to Andrew Meyer, the Hall family’s attorney.

Lubin & Meyer attorneys represented the plaintiff in this birth injury lawsuit.

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