Cataract Surgery Error: $1.15M Settlement

Lawsuit claims anesthesiologist not properly trained or vetted by ophthalmologist results in right eye vision loss following cataract procedure

Medical Malpractice Trial Report, 2018

The plaintiff, a 56-year-old man, suffered permanent right eye vision loss following cataract surgery.

On 5/20/14, the patient was admitted to Cataract & Laser Center West, in W. Springfield, Massachusetts, for right eye phacoemulsification with implantation of posterior chamber intraocular lens. According to the operative note, the surgery was performed without complication.

The next day, on 5/21/14, when the patch was removed from his eye, the patient had a marked decrease in vision in his right eye. He was referred to a retina expert who diagnosed him with probable retinal perforation, probable central retinal artery occlusion, and corneal abrasion as a result of the inadvertent perforation of the globe in association with the administration of local anesthesia.

The plaintiff alleged the anesthesiologist was negligent, and had not been properly trained. The plaintiff further contended that the ophthalmologist had not vetted the qualifications of the anesthesiologist to do these types of procedures.

The case settled for $1,150,000 at mediation after discovery.

Hampden Superior Court

Lubin & Meyer attorneys for the plaintiff: Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. and William J. Thompson

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Blindness caused by needle perforating globe of eye during administration of anesthesia

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