Anesthesiologist Eyed in Series of Cataract Surgery Errors

Updated October 3, 2018:

Lubin & Meyer settled lawsuits on behalf of the two patients it represented, each for $1.15 million dollars.

Page 1 story in The Boston Globe
5 cataract surgeries, 5 people blinded: What went wrong?
August 14, 2016

Lubin & Meyer represents two of the patients who were blinded during cataract surgery at Cataract & Laser Center West, in W. Springfield, Massachusetts. Attorney William Thompson is quoted in the Boston Globe article:

William Thompson Attorney“When one patient ends up blinded, it raises a red flag because it’s such a rare complication,’’ he said. “When five patients are blinded, all on the same day, in the same center, it’s really shocking.”
— William J. Thompson, Attorney

The Boston Globe article describes the unusual events of...

"...five patients who had surgery at Cataract & Laser Center West in West Springfield on a May morning in 2014, only to discover the next day that the patients could not see out of the eye that had been operated on. The injuries have shocked and mystified cataract surgeons, who say even one serious injury is rare, and led specialists who examined the patients to conclude that the anesthesiologist on the cases, Dr. Tzay Chiu, possibly pierced their eyeballs or retinas with his needles, according to the surgery center’s investigative reports submitted to the state. "

Read the full article here: 5 cataract surgeries, 5 people blinded: What went wrong?


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