Vera Sichko, RN, CNM, MS

Vera Sichko RN, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), MS, has been delivering client-centric care by advocating for each patient she has served in a variety of clinical settings for more than 32 years. Her career started as a registered nurse in New York on a gynecology-oncology unit. After 5 years, she utilized her medical-surgical skills as a labor and delivery nurse at a level-3 obstetrical unit. This led to a master’s of nursing degree at Columbia University in Midwifery. Vera has delivered over 3,000 babies in a variety of clinical settings.

Vera has experience in fetal therapy and surgery. She practiced at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia as a midwife and case manager for families delivering babies with anomalies. Vera and the team at CHOP created the special care delivery unit. This unit allowed mother, baby, and family to receive care at the same hospital. The special care delivery unit is one of the many projects in which Vera promoted patient advocacy during her midwifery career.

Her most recent experience was the staff midwife for the Midwives at Mount Auburn. At Mount Auburn she was a surgical first assistant for obstetrical and gynecological surgeries. Advocating for all of her patients in the operating room and recovery room. Vera was a lead member for the obstetrical simulation team advocating for communication between healthcare providers. Improved communication between providers promotes safety thus advocates for patients.

Vera brings extensive clinical experience to Lubin & Meyer and will continue to advocate for patients.