Jury Awards $11.48 Million for Wrongful Death Lawsuit of 8-day-old Baby

BOSTON, MA— Wednesday, August 31 2011—Lubin & Meyer attorneys William J. Thompson and Elizabeth Cranford have won a jury award of $11.48 million (including interest) on behalf of the family of an eight-day-old twin baby girl who died from a massive bowel infection while at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston.

The Suffolk County Superior Court jury found a physician and nurse practitioner negligent in the infant’s death who died of necrotizing enterocolitis.

Thompson said, "This award is the largest medical malpractice jury award in Massachusetts this year and is meant to compensate the baby’s family for their devastating loss."

Read the Medical Malpractice Lawyers' Trial Report:
Jury Finds Negligence, Awards $11.48 Million in Newborn’s Death
Wrongful death trial: 8-day old twin at Beth Israel Hospital died of necrotizing enterocolitis—jury finds medical negligence

News reporting regarding the trial is available at the Boston Herald online at: Jury finds Beth Israel at fault in baby death.

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