Top Verdicts of 2006

As reported by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, January 15, 2007

Deep pockets yield big awards in top verdicts of '06

Attorneys from Lubin & Meyer again made the list of the top 10 largest verdicts of the year as reported by Massachusetts Lawyers Weeky. The top verdicts & #151; dominated in 2006 by multimillion-dollar awards against well-known pharmaceutical, technology and engineering firms & #151; also included two cases won by lawyers from Lubin & Meyer PC. They include a sexual abuse lawsuit and a medical malpractice lawsuit:

$8.4 million awarded in sexual abuse case
Civil case: Norfolk Superior Court
Date of verdict: Sept. 14, 2006
Plaintiff’s counsel: Adam R. Satin and Suzanne C.M. McDonough, Lubin & Meyer, Boston

The plaintiff, a mentally disabled woman with a history of mental,
emotional and intellectual challenges, was sexually assaulted by the
defendant cantor, who was a member of the clergy at the synagogue
attended by the plaintiff and her family. The defendant admitted to
having sexually assaulted the plaintiff, but argued that the
plaintiff’s condition was essentially unchanged from her baseline. The
plaintiff’s expert testified that the plaintiff’s mental condition and
limitations caused her to re-experience the trauma over and over again
and that she obsessed about the assault every day.

$4.8 million awarded for botched breast surgery
Medical malpractice case: Essex Superior Court
Date of verdict: June 2006
Plaintiff’s counsel: William J. Thompson and Kristen A. Johnson, Lubin & Meyer, Boston

The plaintiff had to have her breasts removed after a failed
breast-reduction operation. A plastic surgeon was found negligent in
botching the surgery and failing to provide the victim with sufficient
information about the risks. It was the plaintiff’s second
breast-reduction procedure. The first operation at a Montreal hospital
used a different technique where the doctors preserved blood flow from
the top part of the breasts and removed tissue from the bottom, which
was routine at the time. In the second procedure, the tissue was cut
from the top and preserved blood flow from the bottom.

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