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Verdicts & Settlements - Medical Malpractice Case Archive

Below is representation of Lubin & Meyer trial reports detailing some of the significant verdicts and settlements that our attorneys have successfully handled for our clients.

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Lung Cancer Malpractice
Tonsilectomy Death
IVF lawsuit
Misdiagnosed heart death lawsuit
Boston Birth Injury Settlement Report
Bowel Perforation Malpractice
Messier v. Bridgewater Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Mass. General Malpractice Lawsuit
Lung Cancer Diagnosis Delay
Anal Cancer Diagnosis Delay
Breast Cancer Diagnosis Delay
Pancreatic Cancer
Baby's Brain Damage Settlement
Stem Cell Transplant
Jury Awards $24.4M Tufts Medical Center Lawsuit
Intubation Malpractice
Birth Injury Lawyer
Thyroid Cancer
Hospital Infection
Encephalomyelitis Death
Surgical Error
CT scan misread
Birth injury lawsuit
Stroke Malpractice
EMT lawsuit
Thyroid Cancer
heart surgery malpractice
Kidney Cancer Diagnosis Delay
Lung Cancer Delay
Liver Cancer
Heart Attack Verdict
Cerebral Palsy Trial Report
liver cancer malpractice
ER delay malpractice report
ER malpractice trial
abdominal aortic settlement
Jury Verdict
NH Jury Verdict
Rotenberg Center Lawsuit
c-section delay
Birth Injury Trial Report
brain bleed
RI brain damage
Brain Damage Trial Report
brain hemorrhage
epidural abscess
Spinal Surgery Error
Gallbladder malpractice
heart attack malpractice
Heart attack death settlement
Pulmonary Embolus Settlement
prostate malpractice
skincancer malpractice
infection malpratice
rectal cancer malpractice
spinal cord malpractice
emergency malpractice
Melanoma malpractice
Breast Cancer Malpractice
EMT malpractice trial
cervical cancer
thyroid cancer
anesthesia death
medication error
Sinus Surgery Malpractice
surgery malpractice
Cauda Equina Malpractice
Cardiologist Malpractice
kidney transplant
diabetes mellitus
clindamycin malpractice
metastatic breast cancer
gastric bypass
hospital overdose
spinal cord
abdominal bleeding
fork lift injury
newborn malpratice
midwives malpractice
failure to monitor
bowel obstruction
birth trauma
medication error
Bowel Aspiration Death
birth injury settlement
cancer delay
CT scan
climbing wall
heart attack death
auto accident
endometrial cancer
leg amputation
hypoglycemia lawsuit
newborn brain injury
birth injury settlement
prolonged delivery lawsuit
amitriptyline toxic death
prostate surgery death
baby's brain damage
jury awards $13.5 million in hospital death
dana farber lawsuit
medical negligence jury award surgery
misdiagnosed cardiac arrest
hypoxic-ischemic birth injury
death of baby
delay diagnosis chordoma
colon cancer lawsuit
hunting accident lawsuit
feeding tube malpractice
diabetic wound delay in treatment
medical negligence lawsuit
blinded by medical care
gillette stadium lawsuit
doctor lawsuit
anoxic brain injury
wrongful death mri
colon cancer
baby's brain damage
bowel obstsruction
cerebral palsy birth injury
pulmonary embolus
jury award for impaired birth
breast reduction surgery
brain damage
infant's brain damage settlement
sex abuse case
fetal distress injuries
testicular cancer malpractice
lithium toxicity settlement
failure to diagnose aortic aneurysm
FISH surgical tool left in abdomen
record jury judgment
childbirth lawsuit
troponin lab result ER
endometrial cancer settlement
CT scan medical malpractice settlement
negligent performance in back surgery
psychiatrist violates patient boundaries
diagnosis delay in colon cancer case
heart attack death
evolving stroke settlement
prostate cancer settlement
arrhythmia wrongful death settlement
developmental delays resulting from asphyxia at birth
legal malpractice in cerebral palsy case
crib sheet maker pays for infant death
settlement baby's brain damage
settlement cerebral palsy
breast cancer diagnosis delay settlemetn is $450,000
blindness arteritis
radiologists settle
colon cancer death
settlement undiagnosed lung cancer
prostate cancer settlement
settlement fetal distress
girl's death payment
breast cancer settlement
family wins case in malpractice errors at birth
jury award for misdiagnosis error
5.5 million dollar malpractice case
19 million dollar malpractice suit
breast cancer malpractice award
jury awards 2.5 million
malpractice case beth israel
lost testical malpractice win
doctors ordered to pay 16 million
cancer misdiagnosis wins 2.5 million
jury awards for brain damaged girl
jury awards 30 million brain damage at birth
hmo to pay for misdiagnosis
pyschiatrist settlement



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