"The Elite Few" A Select Number of Attorneys
Dominate Lucrative Trial Wins

Published by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, April 16, 2001

“The Elite Few” – A Select Number of Attorneys
Dominate Lucrative Trial Wins

“How do they do it?”

Even though most attorneys have one or more stories about their most memorable “win” in court, the cases that pull down the biggest numbers from year to year seem to feature faces that are rather familiar to the trial bar.

And the numbers bear it out.

For the top three categories (med-mal, auto and tort), there were more than 120 awards exceeding $1 million reported to Lawyers Weekly over the last three years. Almost 50 percent of those awards came from a pool of some 16 lawyers.

In fact, more than 25 reports came from just five lawyers.

Richard P. Campbell of Boston faces some of the best attorneys doing mostly defense work.

“Some lawyers just have a track record of success, and they draw in the best cases,” he says. “They can reject marginal cases.”

Andrew C. Meyer Jr. of Boston led the way with nine million-dollar verdicts and settlements on which his name appeared. He has also reported another three totaling more than $13 million in 2001.

“Good cases are made, not born,” maintains Meyer, who concedes that “the reasons for our success are multifaceted.”

Meyer credits the lawyers and nursing staff at his firm, as well as the “thorough, thoughtful, creative and understanding discovery, and endless preparation.”

Plus, Meyer says, it helps “when insurance companies know you are willing to go to trial and have a track record of success there. Consistent achievement of verdicts assists you in achieving good settlements.”

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