Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. Among Massachusetts Most Powerful Attorneys

Lawyers Weekly Publishes Roster of the State’s Most Powerful Attorneys in the "Power List"

December 29, 2009

BOSTON, MA—Boston medical malpractice attorney Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. is among the 81 attorneys listed in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 'Power List' published in its December 29, 2009 issue. The article cites that Meyer’s ..."Name is synonymous with medical malpractice law; routinely settling cases worth seven figures."

An excerpt of the article follows.

The Power List: Lawyers Weekly’s Roster of
Massachusetts' Most Influential Attorneys

by Jack Dew
Dolan Media Newswires

Is power the ability to get a phone call returned? Or is it knowing whom to call? Is it rising to wealth and prominence at a big firm? Or is it building a small practice that fills an influential niche?

Lawyers Weekly consulted with attorneys, judges, political figures and others to create a list of the state’s most powerful practitioners. The result is a collection of 81 names drawn from all fields of the law.

Power and the practice of law are inevitably linked. Lawyers, after all, are hired for their ability to help their clients, be it through a skilled argument in court, a persuasively written brief, or adept maneuvering through complicated bureaucratic systems.

But how does one define power, and how does one obtain it?

A lot of influence is defined by relationships and how the broader world views you. Sometimes that is based on fear ... sometimes it is based on whether you are a person who delivers. Do you do what you say you are going to do? Are you reliable and perceived as a can-do person? Getting your phone call returned is only one measure. You might get your call returned, but that doesn't mean you can get something done.

Being a powerful practitioner first involves competence. Second, experience. Third, the capacity to deal with an enormous amount of different personalities. And four, recognition that part of the crucial DNA of being a lawyer is service.

Everyone wants to be technically a good lawyer and know the rules, but the feature of really good lawyers and powerful lawyers is that they have forged relationships with other people and other attorneys and can serve their clients' interests more forcefully as a result.

Some have power based on their position—such as judge or district attorney—and those who have it based on their connections.

But there is another category of lawyer who has power because of the respect they have earned. They are the ones who are truly powerful because it doesn't come from their position or whom they know; rather, it comes from them. These are attorneys who have unwavering integrity, reflect a commitment to excellence, volunteer to make the bar better, but who also are willing to take an unpopular position supporting a client or an issue because it’s the right thing to do.

The list is our attempt to identify those people in the law who can get things done, who wield influence beyond the bounds of their job title.

The article cites that Meyer’s ..."Name is synonymous with medical malpractice law; routinely settling cases worth seven figures."

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